Roberta Gotchie did an amazing job finding me and my husband our forever home and she worked hard for us and showed us many houses. She got the job done.

Shannon and Cheri


You really did a great job, hit the nail on the head for everything they wanted. You're going to be fantastic at this work. You go out of your way more than any Realtor I've ever seen.



It was such a pleasure working with Roberta who seemed to have all the answers to our real estate questions. I highly recommend her as she made selling our home an easy and painless process. Thank you for going above and beyond for us.

Thank you

Shyanna and Jimmy


Roberta Gotchie is the best realtor that I have ever worked with. The first time I meet Roberta was when I offer to watcher her dog for a weekend when she went out of town. We were neighbors in the same apartment building. We became friends and would talk often. She told me that she was going to be going to school to become a realtor and I was going back to school to become a paramedic. Once I was done with school and was able to start thinking about buying a home Roberta was the person that I wanted to work with. Roberta and I would send text to each other with listings of homes that I liked, and that Roberta thought that I would like. Roberta helped me find the best lender to work with it took a few to find the right fit. Once I got the correct lender on board and qualified for a house that I liked we went looking. On Saturday Roberta and I had a list of homes to look at. Roberta drove me to the homes putting over 200 miles on her car and spending all day in the car with me. The first house that I found and loved the owner and I could not come to a price that we could agree on, the second house we found had a lot of character and potential out in the county that was everything that I could want and then some. When it came to dealing with the owner Roberta took lead. She was able to talk with the other realtor on my behalf. When it came time for the inspection of the home, the owner did not want to address the problems. Once again Roberta was the best when it came to talking to the inspector and the owner’s realtor. Once again there was problems with the owners and Roberta, and I talked over the issues. Roberta agreed that I should not buy the home. Then the hunt for my home started over again. The same day Roberta and I agreed on a home in Clever. It was what I was looking for. The must haves were all there. The day we went and looked at the home we were running late (it happens). When we arrived at the home the owner was there. That was the cool part. Both Roberta and I were able to ask questions about the house and get answers. On the way home we talked about the house and I decided that I wanted to place an offer. The owner agreed to my offer and I was on the road to owning a home.

    I would recommend Roberta to anyone who is wanting to buy a home. She puts everything into finding listings that fit into what you like. She is a caring person and a good friend, and the best realtor I have ever worked with.

Thank you for all your help and time to find me the home I love.

Belinda Bouma


As a first-time homebuyer, I wasn't quite prepared going into the process of buying a home. However, Roberta made sure to keep me informed and wanted to make sure I fully understood the process. Roberta was very persistent, down to earth, optimistic, and hardworking despite a very competitive market which could've been very discouraging had it not been for Roberta. Roberta Gotchie truly cares for her clients.

Thank you so much,